Phenitech blackhead remover - Zencare
Phenitech blackhead remover - Zencare
Phenitech blackhead remover - Zencare
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Phenitech blackhead remover

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This Vacuum pore cleanser is an innovative solution that will keep your skin clear and healthy.
Along with the pore cleanser, a vacuum is created, and the content of the pore is sucked out, safely with no damage to the follicle.

- Treats coarse pores, rough skin, exfoliates dead skin, blackheads, acne and fine lines and helps to improve skin condition without damaging your skin
- Professional waterproof design, with adjustable suction strengths, makes it suck out blackheads and acne effectively
- Small and lightweight, easy to carry, convenient for indoor and travel
- Hassle-Free rechargeable lithium battery is durable and safe, and the USB cable allows for easy and convenient charging
- Made of High-Quality Eco-friendly ABS material, and features ergonomic design that is easy to hold

Safe & Professional Blackhead Remover
- Unlike traditional blackhead removal tools, the latest generation blackhead extractor has a more powerful suction and for a deeper clean of your skin
- Made of Eco-friendly ABS material, uses integrated smart vacuum suction technology and is FDA & FCC certified
- This Blackhead Remover is safe, non-toxic, and painless
- It can easily and quickly remove the stubborn blackheads, remove dead skin, oil and make-up residue, smooth out wrinkles and firm the skin

Steps for Using:
- Before using the facial pore vacuum machine, please open your facial pores by using a hot towel or steam
- Decide on the suction level, however please take care, not to, suck in a fixed place for more than 2 seconds
- Moving the suction head contrary to the direction of the growth of the pores in a distinct up/down direction
- It is suggesting that once you have finished this process, that you are to use a pore minimizing/closing facial cream

4 Interchangeable Suction Heads For All Types Of Skin
With 4 interchangeable beauty suction heads, each with its own unique function, gives your face a deeper cleanse every time.

USB Rechargeable & Portable
- With a high-quality rechargeable lithium battery, not only does this product have longevity but is hassle free, as there is no need to struggle with changing batteries.
- This Blackhead remover is small, stylish and portable allowing you to take it anywhere.

Interchangeable Head Functions
Small Round Suction Head:
- This suction head has absorption and exfoliating functions
- Without hurting the skin, this head conditions and massages the skin for maximum exfoliation

Large Round Suction Head:
- This head is mainly used for blackheads, grease, dust, cosmetic removal, and more
- Use this suction head once a week for about 5 minutes
- Please monitor the skin condition carefully during and after use, applying minimal pressure and applying pore minimizing/closing facial cream after use

Oval Suction Head:
- This suction head is better for delicate skin and can be used for oil absorption, dust, cosmetic removal, residues, and much more

Massage Ball Head:
- The cold touch of the ball can bring instant relief to fatigue and promotes blood circulation
- It also improves problems with fine lines and bags around eyes

3 Colour Indicators:
- Red Tender Treatment Mode: Promotes collagen regeneration, tender skin, and restores elasticity
- Green Whitening Treatment Mode: Decomposes melanin, brightens and whitens skin, and increases transparency
- Blue Repair Treatment Mode: Antiphlogistic and sterilization function as well as repairs damaged and rough skin

Cleaning and Maintenance:
- Take off the suction head and use an earbud dipped in alcohol or cleanser and clean the suction head of debris
- Please change the filter sponge regularly and clean the filter cover with an earbud or cotton swab
- Wait until the filter cup, filter cap, and the cleanser or alcohol on the replacement head are dried and then put it back onto the body
- Please do not submerse the machine in water. Rather use a damp cloth to clean any debris

What's in the box
1x Blackhead Remover Vacuum
1x Large Round Suction Head
1x Small Round Suction Head
1x Massage Ball Head
1x Oval Suction Head
1x USB Charge Cable
1x User Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Melanie R

So much better than those terrible strips, worth the investment

Works and look cool too

Better than pore strips and saves you money long term, good buy


This high-tech product works miracles! You can say bye to popping your blackheads for good. I love this product and I use it every single day. Now I don't even have to worry of blackheads anymore.

This vaccume cleanser is worth investing in.