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Nordens Ultimate Skin & hair capsules (90s)

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Nordens Ultimate Hair. Skin. Nails
Fuller thicker faster-growing hair. Firmer younger looking more vibrant skin. Ultimate nails.

Ultimate Hair. Skin. Nails has been formulated using Lithothamnium Calcareum, a highly bioavailable organic multi-mineral complex containing 74 organic minerals and trace elements, derived from the cytoskeleton of the red algae plant, harvested from the mineral-rich North Atlantic Ocean, and MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) Organic sulphur essential to all living cells and life
The efficacy of Ultimate Hair. Skin. Nails is due to the synergistic effect of MSM and Lithothamnium Calcareum which has a unique porous physical structure that results in a huge surface area (9,5 square metres per foot) and a minimum solubility of 96 per cent.
Lithothamnium Calcium has also undergone extensive trial and research on Bone health, Joint health, Healthy ageing, Digestive and Cardiovascular health.
- Decrease hair loss
- Improve Hair Growth by increasing the anagen growth phase
- Hair becomes Healthier thicker more elastic and shiny
- Stimulates Keratin and Collagen production
- Improves Nail growth and hardness No more brittle nails
- Enables skin cells to become permeable and supple allowing oxygen and minerals to be transferred in and toxins out
- Helps reduce wrinkles and scar tissue resulting in younger looking and more vibrant Skin
- Highly effective against acne after 3 months

Added Benefits:
- Reduce symptoms of Osteoporosis Arthritis and Aching Joints
- Alkalise and detox
- Balances cellular pH
- Eliminates Cramp
- Stabilises Stomach pH
- Improve digestion
- Alleviate stomach ulcers

Doses: 3 capsules per day at once or 1 capsule 3 x per day
Can be taken with or without meals

Detox symptoms may include headaches and acne breakouts initially if symptoms persist reduce dosage to 1 capsule per day for 3 to 4 days.
Keep out of reach of children.

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