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Anti-Acid Gout Tea

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Gout is a common arthritis condition due to disorders of purine metabolism and decreased uric acid excretion. Although researchers have carried out various studies on this disease, there are no effective drugs for patients with gout.

In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), gout pertains to the category of Bi pattern due to qi stagnation in the meridians and collaterals. Chinese herbal medicine has been employed to treat Bi patterns since ancient China. In recent decades, classical TCM formulas and agents isolated from some Chinese herbal medicine have been applied to treat gout and have achieved satisfactory effects.

This herbal tea owes its effectiveness to Chinese herbs.

Which help reduce inflammation and remove "heat' from the body, also actively slows down uric acid build-up near the joints.

The tea also serves to help other joint-related pains and ease muscle tension. So it is also beneficial for those struggling with rheumatoid arthritis, muscle injuries and sport-related joint injuries.

20 Servings Of Gout Tea.