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Milk thistle 60s

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Milk Thistle Haemo Cleanse + 74 phyto marine minerals 60 capsules
Liver and blood detox

Contains:70 mg Silymarin 80% Extract
Lithothamnium Calcarium (organic phyto mineral complex)

Milk Thistle is an herbal remedy derived from the Milk Thistle plant – also known as Silybum Marianum.

Traditionally used to treat gallbladder and liver disorders and promote breast milk production.

Ameliorates cancer treatment and supports the liver from alcohol excesses, environmental poison and even snake bites.

Protects the liver against toxins including Amatoxin which is produced by the ‘Death Cap’ mushroom (Amanita phalloides)

Studies have shown that people with liver disease have exhibited signs of improvement after a course of Milk Thistle suggesting it could help reduce liver inflammation and liver damage.


Improved liver function
Blood cleanser
Skin Toner
Body detox
Dosage 2 capsules per day

Keep out of reach of children